A strategic development and information architecture agency.

We architect experiences. We architect change.

We are an inquisitive, highly-skilled team devoted to the gathering and understanding of information and combine the expertise of multiple disciplines to organise and reframe. We employ our skills as information architects, strategists and concept creators to construct meaningful, transformative experiences and engender genuine change for our clients.

We drive innovation that matters. We build foundations that last.

Our consultants work alongside you to isolate strategic opportunities and develop concepts that bring value to your business, your users and wider society. We question the status quo, designing strategies and frameworks that lay long term foundations for development and growth, thus helping to introduce new ideas, digital experiences, methods and approaches that are transformative and truly worthwhile.

We see the bigger picture. We solve problems.

Our team have designed digital, UX, content and business strategies for government bodies, members of the Charity 100 Index and the largest banks in the world. We brokered the first inter-department, cross-border healthcare partnership for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our work has seen double digit increases in organ donor registration within UK demographics and contributed to British Credit Unions leading the world in membership increases. We leveraged gamification and geo-location social media platforms to create the world's first digital incentive for social good within the sector and we've recorded the most successful blood donor recruitment drives in the history of the NHS.


Founding Partners.


Matt Hollidge.

In addition to fifteen years experience in the Voluntary and Creative Sectors across the UK & Europe, Matt is an information architect and has lead UX teams in Central London to help develop global websites for clients including HSBC.

Matt draws upon broad cultural and societal influences as an ideator to innovate through the collision of ideas and fields, re-imagining approaches and strategies.


Juls Hollidge.

With an Honours Degree in law from Queens University Belfast and six years experience in community relations, Juls has also spent thirteen years working as a strategic consultant, agency director and public speaker.

Juls combines her skills as a strategist with deconstructionism to develop effective innovation, building robust concepts and offering strategic insight.


Our founders share a joint history of developing multinational and cross-cultural strategies for clients and have on-the-ground international experience through global research and development trips for tech startups and NGOs in the UK, Europe, Levant, North Africa, India, China, East Asia and North America.


Our Clients Include.

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