We employ a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from a range of fields to help our clients develop and affect change.




Through the isolation of opportunity, the initiation of change and the decision to pursue the creation of new models, practices and standards, we work alongside clients to help build an intentional course of action complete with flexibility for future development. 

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows for strategic development with a deep understanding of environment. Using insight and analysis we experience both an internal and external perspective of our clients in a deliberate process of helping them to better understand themselves.

This application of strategy drills deep into an organisation to discover their core elements; isolating linchpins and corresponding opportunities on which to focus and build. It exposes gaps and identifies goals, aiding management decisions on what to do and what not to do. 

We offer clients strategy that can be applied to all aspects of an organisation as they move forward, including structure and operations, or more specifically to products, campaigns, content and communications.



We help clients develop existing concepts, products or services and provide idea generation for those exploring new approaches or responding to opportunities and challenges.

Through a process of expansion and refinement, our goal is to build robust concepts that deliver effective solutions.  We create a clear vision for development and provide accompanying documentation and presentations for key stakeholders.

We also offer a retainer service providing clients with regular insight and input across their organisation or to a specific project.  The service includes idea pitches and enables clients to be responsive to business opportunities, social media, current affairs and technological advances.



Information Architecture (IA) is the organising of information: creating principles, arranging elements, labelling and categorising content, and architecting new models and standards to make complex systems of information more understandable. Many organisations encounter moments where the information they hold or generate brings them to capacity or no longer seems to make any meaningful sense. The thoughtful consideration of structures and language as employed in IA brings clarity and helps our clients and their communities to better understand, interact with and leverage their content and context.

While commonly applied to the understanding of digital spaces, at Kore our work is not confined to the websites, apps and devices we use but is inclusive of the wider information ecosystem of printed materials, organisational structures and physical places. We have designed and shaped solutions that have led to the successful launch and uptake of websites and apps but also organisational restructures and new business narratives. The solutions we arrive at for our clients can be digital first but also not digital. The deep understanding and architecture of information, in terms of ecosystem, is what powers these strategic decisions to meet needs and goals.

We also employ complimentary skills from the field of User Experience Design (UX) and produce high quality assets for development including wireframes, taxonomies, user journeys, content strategies and systems architecture.



Insight and analysis is invaluable for those seeking to create effective innovation and behaviour change or those needing proof of concept. It provides clients with an overview of both internal and external factors that will impact how they move forward.

Internal environmental scans provide an extensive analysis and understanding of a client, their needs and users. Identifying strengths and weaknesses through quantitative and qualitative research it includes customer data reviews, web analytics, user interviews, interactive sessions, surveys and comparative analysis. By isolating the right questions we help an organisation to know and understand the value of the data they hold.

This is complimented by an external scan that identifies opportunities and threats through competitor analysis, emerging trends, technological advances, field expert consultations, ‘big data’ reviews and an extensive knowledge of both charity and public sectors. Where appropriate this extends to an awareness of the wider global context they inhabit and can include research and development trips.



With a proven track record for effective behaviour change, Kore has developed strategy and campaigns that have successfully led to increased membership of British Credit Unions, double digit growth in communities giving blood or registering as organ donors and the literal growth of moustaches for good causes.

Responding to social challenges we enable clients to understand the barriers to change, reframe the problem and mobilise people to positively change the way they do what they do. By creating strategy, building campaigns or developing concepts we provide an intrinsically tailored approach helping clients to alter experiences, confront entrenched habits and challenge the status quo.



With broad experience across the voluntary, public and business sectors, we work with clients to isolate partnership opportunities and work on their behalf to broker strategic relationships based on mutual objectives or shared purposes.

In our experience, the identification and creation of joint narratives around which multiple organisations or sectors can collaborate and mobilise their communities is an underused yet powerful agent for change.

We have brokered key relationships for national public services, NGOs, charities, public bodies and businesses. These include new partnerships, associate relationships or sponsors and have been developed across sectors and countries.


A retainer service is available to a limited number of clients. Contact us for more information.

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