We devised and authored Stewardship's digital strategy, preparing the 100 Index Charity for the changing digital landscape until 2020 with key strategic organisational recommendations responding to future trends and shifts in user habits.



Stewardship is a member of the Charity 100 Index, powering generosity by enabling over 25,000 people to give around £60 million every year to charitable causes in the UK and beyond, through monthly regular giving, fundraising services and one-off donations. Stewardship support this growing generous community through services including give.net and the annual 40 Acts campaign with additional support services and regular content creation.

In 2015 we worked alongside Stewardship to gather organisational and user insights and, once paired with key industry trends and predicted technological advances, authored the charity's first organisation-wide digital strategy paper. Research and Insight covered internal systems analysis and capabilities, user demographic overview, insights from web analytics and social media statistics and an overview of future trends. The following strategy, presented in the 100+ page document, outlined key aims and objectives accompanied by strategic recommendations, future systems overview and an implementation plan. The completed strategy paper was presented to the Senior Management Team and Trustee Board through face to face presentations and subsequently championed by them, leading to its current implementation.

We used information architecture to bring understanding and blueprint complex systems of users, transactions and content, with the additional provision of concept development for products and services utilising technological advances that will be made available to the public over the next three to five years.

The digital strategy and its wider organisational implications were set to prepare the charity for the shifting digital landscape and lay initial foundations that allow them to build upon their rich heritage and develop pioneering new services and operations that empower charitable giving and fundraising around the world.